On the 30th of November, ENtRANCE coordinator VUB presented the first results of the impact study during the “Community Engagement: Facing the Challenge” workshop during the Engage2018 conference in Edinburgh. The Engage conference is an annual conference hosted by the National co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement of the UK, for everyone interested in public engagement in higher education. The VUB results discussed included: – 78% of the involved Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Science Shop collaborations were pleased with the results and goals reached by them – CSOs were very pleased with a start meeting at the start of each community based research project but most unpleased with the student contact – or better: the lack of student contact – 1/4 involved students is still in touch with the CSO they collaborated with, after they graduated – students don’t realize the gains in terms of skills and competencies, almost none of them mention their community based learning/research experience on their cv – the main reason for supervisors to support students collaborating with CSOs is because they think it’s valuable for the students, not becaus they are extending their civil society network through it … Conference participants were eager to learn more about these findings and suggested solutions and recommendations, which will be included in the final report that will be published on this website in spring 2019.
More information about the conference and program: https://www.publicengagement.ac.uk/nccpe-projects-and-services/engage-conference/engage-2018